Lending Club Forum

A great way to get more information about virtually anything, but especially a company like Lending Club is by talking to someone who has experience with them. This way you can get all of the answers to your questions from someone with real world knowledge about them that is completely unbiased. A great way to do this would be with a Lending Club forum on the internet. There are a couple of really great ones that we are going to be looking at today.

Prospers.org – This is a really great Lending Club Forum site that is set up in a simple, Wikipedia sort of style that has a plethora of information about Lending Club and other peer-to-peer lending sites. There is a great forum for you to interact with other users as well many great resources listed for you to read up on the different aspects of peer-to-peer lending. Many news sites are listed as well as several blogs, so if you have a question or just a thirst for more information about Lending Club and peer-to-peer lending then you should be able to find it here for sure. There is a great archive section as well that you could spend tons of time digging through and learning new things about lending. There is actually a whole lot of really interesting information that can be uncovered if you dig around long enough among the history of peer-to-peer tending.

Wiseclerk.com – Wiseclerk is a great community for people who are actively involved in the peer-to-peer trading community. They have a big focus on Lending Club but they also talk about some of the other trading platforms like Prosper and Zopa as well. Beginners are certainly welcome to participate in the conversation here but a lot of the topics are admittedly about tactics and strategies which would be better suited for people already involved in trading. Don’t be shy though because you can also just read the conversations going on without participating to pick up some really great tips for yourself. You might just get the information you need to become one of the guys on the forum that has perfected the art of peer-to-peer lending.

There are probably many other sources out there but we believe that these are the best two examples of a Lending Club forum out there to give you the information you require. Both of them have different strengths so use them both in combination for maximum results.

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