Lending Club Blog

When talking about how to keep updated on the latest news in the peer-to-peer lending world, the internet is often the best place to look. The creation of blogs is something that has given a voice to those who otherwise might not have been able to get their voice out ther. If you are in search of a good Lending Club Blog then you will be happy to know that there are a handful of great ones. Some focus exclusively on Lending Club, while others are about all of the peer-to-peer lending platforms while others are mostly about investments but focus on peer-to-peer lending from time to time.

Lending Club Blog – This is the official blog for Lending Club. It will have all of the news straight from the horse’s mouth so anything posted here you can believe is 100% authentic. Since it is the official blog this is not the place where you would want to go to get predictions and insider tips about the platform.

P2P Lending News – This is a great Lending Club blog if you are looking for a big overview of all of the different peer-to-peer lending platforms. The tone is informative, giving you all of the facts although it is definitely not an official blog for any of the platforms by any means.

Social Lending Network – This is another blog that does a good job at covering all of the different platforms. While there is news available on this blog too, it focuses more on making predictions for the future of peer-to-peer lending as well as reviewing things as they have happened in the past.

Investor Junkie – This site focuses on all sorts of different investments although there is a section that focuses on alternative investments where Lending Club gets a lot of attention. Definitely worth a look.

P2P Banking – This is another blog that updates the different goings on in the peer-to-peer lending world. Lots of good news here as well as recommendations for how things will be in the future of peer-to-peer lending.

With all of those different sources you should definitely have a full schedule if you are planning to read up a bit more about Lending Club. Start with the Lending Club Blog for the real headlines and then move on to some of the others so you can get some insider secrets and learn some techniques.

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